Social Media Marketing

Go From Likes to Insights

Social media has allowed us to share what we eat, what we wear, where we like to go, and, especially, how we feel about our favorite brands. For businesses that translates into an opportunity to not only influence their brand perception but also connect one-on-one with their audience.

No matter your current social footprint, our team of professionals can help you improve the performance of your social channels. We have extensive experience in audience building, creating content that informs and using social platforms to deliver on your business objectives.

In addition, understanding brand health can be critical to making informed business decisions and finding suitable brand ambassadors. Blue Bushel's social media plans dig deeper and reveal valuable insights into how brands are seen, by whom, and what can be done to generate positive brand perception.

Social media can be used for more than just gaining followers and racking up likes. When deployed strategically, social media can also reveal how customers feedback about current products or services and, even, assist them in developing their next big business opportunity.

Blue Bushel social media services go beyond the likes and gather valuable business insights that businesses require to build, maintain, and protect their unique brand identities.

Campaign Development & Strategy

Awareness Campaigns

Business/ Brand Value Statements

New Brand or Product Positioning/ Audience Building

Consideration Campaigns

Informational Content & Product Explainers

Problem Solvers & Benefits-of-Use Statements

Conversion Campaigns

Call-to-Actions Content Designed to Results

Community Participation & P2P Engagement

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Audience Targeting & Segmentation


Assess & Identify Basis for Segmentation

Determine Key Characteristics of Each Market Segment


Evaluate Segments for Commercial Viability

Determine Segment to be Targeted


Determine Product Positioning for the Identified Segments

Optimize Social Media Marketing Mix for Segments

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Brand Management & Advocacy

Brand Strength Assessment via Social Engagement

Brand Advocacy Strategic Planning 

Employee Advocacy Program Coaching

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Performance Monitoring & Reporting

Performance Monitoring & Reporting

Brand Insights & Social Listening

Social Community Engagement Metrics

Competitor Insights

Hashtag Analysis

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