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Mission Statement

We provide community businesses and entrepreneurs with creative and marketing services that will improve their near-term business performance while also enhancing their long-term brand strategies. 

Our Roots

The challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic are forcing many businesses to adapt both what they sell and how they deliver those goods and services to their customers --and we're no different.

Prior to the pandemic, the original two founders of Blue Bushel were busy curating local artists and producing their own original works of fine art and video, while also sharing the stories of art and food in their start-up mag titled, Art & Culinaria.


With a small but dedicated audience, they felt they were ready to take their vision to the next level and launch a statewide awareness campaign focused on penetrating the major media markets of San Francisco and Los Angeles. Of course, the pandemic had other ideas.


With restaurants and galleries shutting down (sometimes permanently) the outlet for their passions found itself with a dwindling array of content sources. So, rather than sulk, they refocused their passions for storytelling and began helping community businesses transition into their new economic reality.


Through a combination of successful social media marketing, email marketing, and digital design, our founders forged a new path forward for several clients, which culminated in the founding of a new agency, Blue Bushel Creative & Marketing, Inc.

Our Future

As we have continued to grow, so have the number of principals in our organization. have turned to We're constant tinkerers and relentless dreamers with the determination and fortitude to meet any challenge head-on and beat it. We celebrate the diversity of thought and are proud to be an eclectic group of creative professionals who came together to reimagine how businesses will thrive in these times and in a post-COVID-19 economy. Individually, we are well-seasoned innovators and proven problem-solvers. Together, we bring a treasure trove of creative & marketing knowledge and a well-spring of industry experience to assist our clients in reaching or exceeding their objectives.