Our Team

"Be shamelessly creative, relentless in your pursuit of innovation, and always maintain an unwavering commitment to serving the community." 

These words describe more than what we do, they embody the guiding values of our growing team and the way that we serve our customers. 

We're putting together a team of marketing strategists, digital designers and developers, social media managers, and creative problem solvers. Together, we bring creative solutions to technology development and digital marketing services and we have a passion and dedication to empowering community businesses and entrepreneurs.


Blue Bushel sprang from an idea, but we know that it will take a team to nourish the dream and make it a reality.

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    Jason Richardson

    CEO & Creative Director

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    Evelin Daré 

    Director of Photography 

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    Michael Clark


  • AnaLisa McMath

    Director of Social Media

We're always looking for new talent and opportunities to collaborate. Please drop us a note if you're interested.

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