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Michael Clark

"Anything worth doing, takes doing."

My Story

Michael Clark is co-founder and Chief Experience Officer (CXO) of Blue Bushel Creative & Marketing. In that role, Michael oversees much of the development and deployment of the company's digital products and assets. Michael is a 25-year veteran of the technology industry, having served in several capacities including network manager in the travel industry at the dawn of the internet travel age, to a field service engineer serving Sacramento businesses, nonprofits, and state agencies, and IT Director of a large regional nonprofit organization.

In addition to his career, Michael has always nurtured his passion to create and serve his community by working as a freelance web designer and developer, helping businesses bring prosperity both online and off. Following that passion, Michael opened and ran his own successful agency that served larger agencies with high-end skills. And now he's at it again. Here at Blue Bushel, Michael will leverage his experiences helping all manner of businesses establish, nurture, maintain, and grow relationships with their peers, vendors, and customers. As he puts it, "Even though the toughest times. Sometimes, we raise our game just to stay in the game. Don't trip, adapt and ship."        next>>>

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