Jason Richardson

"When you open your heart to inspiration, it opens your eyes to the infinite." 

My Story

Jason Richardson is the founder and CEO of Blue Bushel Creative & Marketing, and also serves the agency as Creative Director. Prior to opening Blue Bushel, Jason has worked in political and corporate communications, pursued many entrepreneurial projects, has worked as a professional artist, an art educator & art promoter, and as an editor and publisher. Throughout his career, he has shown an acute aptitude for creative problem solving and strategic planning.

Jason has committed himself to the discipline of the creative process and is dedicated to a life of learning. He is an accomplished academic artist, finishing near the top of his class for his Master of Fine Arts program at The Academy of Arts University in San Francisco. He also earned his Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, and a Digital Marketing Certificate from the University of California, Davis.     next>>>


The only one way to succeed is by trying.