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Blue Bountiful

Community Commerce Platform & Digital Marketing Support Services

What is Blue Bountiful?

Blue Bountiful is a program that was created to provide community businesses and entrepreneurs with a bushel of marketing, advertising, and creative production services that drive customers to their own custom-branded digital storefront. 

At the core of the storefront is the Blue Bountiful Community Commerce Platform. Designed for ease-of-use for both the consumer and the shop administrator, Blue Bushel's proprietary eCommerce software can be used as a stand-alone online shop, or it may be integrated into existing websites, social channels, and even turned into a mobile app.

The shop is laid out in easily searchable categories, subcategories, and product lists --all of which, are accessed through a custom-branded home page. The customer experience is enhanced with a clean and intuitive layout that presents the product images, product descriptions, prices, and modifiers. At checkout, the customer experience is just as easy as navigating through the shop.

For the shop administrator, we've made the experience just as easy. After logging into the dashboard, products can be added (including pictures), modified, or deleted in seconds. While inside the dashboard customer orders can be tracked, sorted and their details viewed. And, reports can be pulled for sales. inventory, and customer activity. 

While the Blue Bountiful is suitable for businesses of any type or size, there are some additional features that are especially helpful for restaurants and food trucks. First, OpenTable APIs are fully supported on the platform. Also, custom modifiers are also available for items that require specific cooking instructions. And, finally, restaurants can accept gratuities on the order at the time of checkout.

Of course, a storefront without customers is like a bicycle without wheels. That's why we're going all-in on our commitment to bringing customers to your storefront. With our expertise in social media marketing and advertising and creative services, we target, then dazzle customers that are specific to the businesses we serve. By leveraging our unique blend of creativity and machine learning, we reach over half a million potential customers in the Sacramento area monthly.  

With Blue Bountiful, we're proud to be connecting commerce and the community.

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