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Brasserie du Monde

Digital Strategy, Social Media, Brand Building

The Challenge

After five years in business, and having come through the pandemic, the client wanted to rebrand their existing business. This meant that they needed a to have a new identity crafted that did not alienate existing customers, but one that would also attract new customers. Of course, this also meant the deployment of all new marketing asset.


Brand Assessment
Strategic Planning
Digital Design & Development
Deployment & Optimization
Strategic Communications
Brand Reintegration


Transitioning from an existing brand to a new, more inclusive brand, poses many challenges. One such challenge is the fear of isolating previous brand advocates. However, with an integrated communications and digital strategy, the client has increased their brand reach, even while delighting the existing client base.


Brand Positioning & Launch Integrated Marketing & Communications Strategy Statement
New Website
Social Media Community Engagement eCommerce Integration

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