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Aioli "La Bodega"

Brand Pivot, Website Rebuild, Social Media, & eCommerce

The Challenge

The primary challenge was to enact a brand pivot of an existing restaurant into an essential neighborhood business at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Brand Assessment
Strategic Planning
Digital Design & Development
Deployment & Optimization
Strategic Communications
Brand Reintegration


Prior to COVID-19, Aioli Bodega Espanola had been a successful Spanish restaurant in Midtown Sacramento. For 26 years, they became a regional destination for novice and serious foodies alike. With restaurants being shuttered and shelter-in-place orders going up everywhere, they needed to rebrand into “La Bodega” to continue to serve their community and keep revenue coming in.


Integrated Marketing & Communications Strategy Statement
New Aioli “La Bodega” Website
Revitalized Social Media Channels
Social Media Community Engagement
Social Media Advertising
Email Marketing & Fundraising

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