AnaLisa McMath

"We meet no ordinary people in our lives."

C.S. Lewis 

My Story

AnaLisa McMath, Social Media Marketing Director, has pursued a life committed to fulfilling her professional goals, while never losing sight of her personal fulfillment. A native Sacramentan, AnaLisa has fearlessly pursued her passions for great food, fine wine, travel, and fashion, which, led her to land on her feet in Las Vegas. While there, AnaLisa developed a passion for social media and “cut her teeth” providing social media marketing services, alongside some of the nation’s top restauranteurs and chefs. 


Returning to Sacramento, AnaLisa decided to further her learning, by enrolling in the inaugural cohort for the UC Davis Digital Marketing Bootcamp. While there, she shined amongst her peers for her work in social media, and also developed a comprehensive understanding of all things digital marketing. As a “serial entrepreneur”, AnaLisa brings to the team a spark and determination to grow our business, while always serving our clients.


The only one way to succeed is by trying.