About Blue Bushel

Blue Bushel was launched as a boutique marketing agency by its parent company, Asazul Art & Media Company in the spring of 2020. As a provider of creative & marketing services, Blue Bushel is carving out a niche as an exceptional boutique agency.  The core of our business is to help community businesses and entrepreneurs in the domestic market, while Asazul will continue to develop its services for our international clientele.

Why Blue Bushel?

Blue Bushel emerged from the vision of its founders, an artist, marketer, and educator from the US and his wife, a photographer, DJ, aeronautics aficionado, and law student from Brazil. Together, they came up with the name after contemplating how they could best meet the needs of community businesses and entrepreneurs.

Blue, has always been a color that evokes deep passion and reverent contemplation about grand ideas and sentiments. The mere act of looking up into the blue of a summer sky can wisp us away to another place and time. 


The bushel is tangible, a necessary tool for hauling goods to or from the marketplace. Thus, its role in commerce is as essential as the currency of exchange itself.

Together, Blue Bushel, is a powerful force in the re-imagining of the relationship between creative and marketing services and the businesses they serve.

What is Creative Marketing?

Creative marketing is the practice of selling products or services by utilizing the creative disciplines of art, design, music, creative writing and video. While the concept of using one's creative abilities to sell is not new, it has become increasingly more effective when paired with internet distribution and the ability to monitor performance using platform analytics. Together, creativity and analytics, make a formidable combination.    

How do We Offer Marketing Services?

While many agencies offer marketing programs with a fixed list of services, we believe that each business should have the freedom to pick only those services that their business needs. That's why we work with our client one-on-one to determine their individual marketing bushel.

Blue Bushel offers its clients tailored digital marketing services either a-la-carte or by retainer.

What's the Right Bushel for My Business?

To determine how we can best help you achieve your business objectives, we recommend that you schedule a sit-down with one of our creative consultants.


When you do, their primary objective will be to listen to you describe your needs. Based on your company's business objectives, we will devise a marketing strategy and recommend specific services and resources that we believe will deliver the best results. With a clearly outlined list of marketing assets in your bushel, your return on investment will be a snap to calculate.

Talk with us today about your business's bushel.

Evelin Daré

A professional photographer for almost fifteen years, Evelin is also highly creative in her craft as our Chief Social Media Manager. In that role, she guides Blue Bushels' community engagement and audience cultivation.


In her native country of Brazil, she also studied law and aeronautics. In pursuing her creative side, Evelin has also studied music and taught dance.


And, while she's committed to her work, she always makes time to pursue her greatest passion of all --her 3-year old daughter.


Evelin is a founding member of Blue Bushel and is integral to its creative and administrative successes.

Jason Richardson

Jason wears many hats at Blue Bushel and has a background that spans from the creative to the analytical.

With extensive experience in marketing and communications, he has worked in many industries ranging from biotech to politics. Most of his expertise, however, is in small business development and entrepreneurialism.

He is also the Creative Director at Blue Bushel and is charged with leading much of the company's business operations.

Jason earned an MFA in Fine Art from the Academy of Art University and a BA in International Relations and a credential in Digital Marketing , from UC Davis.

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