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Almost $15,000 Raised 

In Partnership with Community Businesses, We're Helping Those Impacted By the COVID-19 Pandemic

About tHe Program

Like many businesses around the world adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic, we too had to make some adjustments. However, what we never felt the need to adjust is our commitment to helping community businesses and entrepreneurs reach their highest potential. That's why we are excited to announce the Blue Bountiful COVID-19 Business Assistance Program.


The idea was simple enough, provide additional digital advocacy and marketing assistance for participating businesses and their employees who are facing challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, Blue Bushel supports brand awareness in a time when many businesses are facing the challenges of partial or complete shutdowns, and assists in the coordination of appeals to the community for direct financial support.  

Testing the Program

We began testing the Blue Bountiful Covid-19 Business Assistance Program In April, when we launched a pilot program with our friends at the iconic Spanish restaurant, Aïoli Bodega Española, just after their conversion into a fully-functional bodega. Their story is a familiar one. A once robust group of hospitality professionals became a largely-furloughed workforce in need of financial assistance.


Our proposal was this. If they focused on their day-to-day, we'd provide digital support and administer a campaign to raise money for their employees. Through close coordination with ownership, we have been able to consistently promote their new business model, while at the same time soliciting over $15,000 in donations. Within weeks of launch, we were also able to facilitate gift certificate purchases online. Buoyed by our successes with Aïoli, we decided to expand the program to any qualifying business in the Sacramento region.  

How the Program Works

Blue Bushel created the Blue Bountiful COVID-19 Business Assistance Program with the goal of facilitating direct community financial support for businesses and entrepreneurs affected by the global pandemic. To do this, the program had to focus on delivering measurable results to businesses and their employees.  

Getting started is easy. Any businesses that would like to participate in the program need only to complete a registration form with Blue Bushel and will receive a free consultation to determine the scope of services desired.

There is NO FEE associated with getting listed in our directory, and we would be happy to provide a free consultation in order to develop a donation and brand maintenance strategy. We only bill for additional digital and marketing services required for the implementation of your business' marketing strategy.

We are all in this together, and we at Blue Bushel believe that as a community we can overcome these challenging times. Let's keep our community businesses strong.


Please show our supportThank you.

Find a Business and Make a Donation 


Antiquité Maison Privée

Located in Midtown Sacramento's historic Chatterton Building, Antiquité is an expression of a tradition and elegance of times past. In keeping with a rich history as a 1920’s retail Antique Salon, Antiquité offers a select collection of art and antiques. Antiquité is a unique distinctive retail venue whose antique furnishings create an interior design well suited for a variety of special occasions.

Aïoli Bodega Española

A Midtown Sacramento institution, serving authentic Spanish cuisine for nearly 26 years.

Brasserie Capitale

Sacramento's classic French dining spot, Brasserie Capitale has fast become a favorite destination for foodies and aficionados of fine wine & spirits. Sadly, we are currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, you can show your support by clicking through and making a donation. Merci!

The Grand Wine Bar

"The Smallest Bar in Sacramento" is your spot for craft cocktails, artisan beers and fine wines.

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