We're thrilled to announce that we are launching a program designed specifically to help community businesses and entrepreneurs affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Very soon we'll be signing up new businesses to participate in our COVID-19 Business Assistance Program.

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About Us

We are dreamers. We are thinkers. We are creative professionals who've made it their mission to deliver valuable digital marketing solutions to community businesses and entrepreneurs.

And, at the heart of that value, is a potent brew of creativity and strategic planning. We understand that to get results in today's competitive business environment, brands must move beyond merely stating what they do and, instead, deliver that "WOW" factor that their customers desire.

Just as the great Colosseum in Rome was not built in a day, neither is your business brand. It takes having a dream and implementing a plan to lay the cornerstones of what will become a great and enduring structure.

At Blue Bushel, we're focused on turning your dream into an actionable plan. Then, with care and diligence, we make it our mission to see it to fruition.

Share your dream us today and let's start the planning for your brand's future.

Our Work

The role of digital marketers is ever-changing as consumers become more informed and are bombarded with a seemingly endless supply of options. 


They want a business to be their friend, their confidant, their most trusted ally, and they will not settle for less. Consumers speak with their dollars, and the business that doesn't listen, will not profit. Admittedly, that can add a lot of pressure to community businesses and entrepreneurs.

We understand because we've been on the front lines. We have extensive experience in the foodservice and hospitality, retail sales, and cosmetology and beauty.

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Our Process

Even with over two decades of experience in small business operations and development, we make it our priority to first listen to our customers.

From there, we deploy our digital toolkit to dig deeper into the metrics that describe the psyche of customers across the entire service sector.  


Real data, combined with our expertise in the restaurant and retail product sectors inform not just the way we see our roles as marketers, but also the way that we deliver for our customers.

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